Water Pollution, The Biggest Emerging Issue Of Today

We know that the 70 % of the world surface is covered with water. But despite such immense resources of water we are still lagging behind in the provision of clean drinking water to the masses and also pollution treatment and control in many of the developing countries. The water brought straight from the ocean cannot be used directly. This has to be processed through various technologies using immense resources which make the water purification a very expensive process. Many surveys across the world suggest that the coming wars are going to be caused due to water. This is pretty alarming situation in this scenario. The water is the basic driving force of all nature. This gives us life. Then there begins the role of the human beings who despite all realization of the importance of water is hell bent on polluting it swiftly. Plastics, acids, domestic waste, industrial waste and then mining waste and what not is being added to the water and turning to be poisonous.

We see that conventionally there are three basic methods of the water purification that are biological, chemical and physical. However none of them is perfect, all of them have one shortcoming or the other. So now days the modern technology called as the Nanotechnology is being perceived as the future of water purification. In this challenged scenario the Nano technology is changing the landscape of the business in developing and developed countries as well.

But hang on, what exactly is the Nanotechnology being specific? Well some think of it as a new science, or branch of science like physics or chemistry. However this is more about connecting the different engineering areas. The microbes found in water are 1000 NM in size. The common purifier just deals with the bacteria. While on the other hand the purifier used with help of Nanotechnology with all of these viruses and bacteria without using any high temperature, chemicals, pressure or even electricity. So this clearly indicates that this is not going to consume all the expensive resources so the ultimate process of purification is going to stay low and cheap. Basically the Nanotechnology has a variety of uses. It is used for the municipal water treatment plants. It also helps the developing countries to make the water accessible to all. In the quest to reverse the damages to this precious resource probably this technology has a great role to play along with other environmental solutions.

Why Hire a Motorhome This Season

The British open has had an affection illicit relationship with the humble RV going back decades. While amid the eighties the prominence of shoddy bundle occasions abroad implied enthusiasm for RVs was on the disappear, in the noughties and past RVs are encountering a resurgence. The regular holidaymaker today is all the more naturally mindful, more cost-cognizant and needs to be in control of their vacation more than ever. What’s more, the RV fits the profile on various tallies: (more…)

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