Most Common Mistakes Made By Beginner Gardeners

Have you decided it’s finally time to take charge of your outdoor space? Or perhaps you’ve only just recently moved into a home that has a garden. This can be a very exciting time, and gardening can be a wonderful and rewarding hobby for property owners. Not only do you get to enjoy beautiful, healthy plants, but you also add value to your property by maintaining your garden.

As a professional North Shore arborist, Hort Culture is very familiar with some of the most common mistakes new gardeners make. Learn about seven common gardening mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Trying To Do Everything Yourself

It is highly commendable to attempt to do everything in your garden yourself, but some big jobs are better left to the experts, especially when it comes to things like tree removal, pruning and landscaping.

Planting A Wide Variety Of Plant Species

In the beginning, it is best to plant just a few species so that you can take the time to learn how those specific plant species work and become comfortable with providing sufficient care.

Treating Each Plant The Same

Each species is different and will require different amounts of light and water. You cannot simply treat every plant in your garden in the exact same way.

Not Planting At The Right Time

If you are planting seeds, it is very important that you take into consideration when is the best time in the year to plant these seeds.

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Not Spending Enough Time In Their Garden

If you want your garden to be healthy, you need to spend time in it. Inspect your plants and trees for insects, dead leaves and any other issues. You should also spend time simply enjoying your garden.

Planting In Any Soil

Not all soils are equal. Chances are that the soil currently in your garden is not a great quilty, and you may need to purchase specific soil for your new plants.

Planting Too Close Together

When you plant too close together, your plants become crowded and have to fight each other for resources. Give your plants the space that they need to thrive.

Are you looking for a North Shore arborist and garden maintenance team to take care of some of your garden needs? Contact Hort Culture today for expert gardening services! 

About the Author: Kevin Swanson