What Are the Significant Duties of a Project Arborist in Toowoomba?

A project arborist in Toowoomba is a landscaping expert that helps to maintain the trees to create a scenic outlook around a property. Some people may dismiss these professionals, yet they pocket over $50,000 annually. These experts require special tools like a hand saw, chainsaw, or pruners.

Crucial Responsibilities of a Project Arborist in Toowoomba

1. Tree planting

An arborist is responsible for planting and caring for tree seedlings per the client’s requirements. They will require gardening tools like a shovel and a hoe to plant all the seedlings.

2. Pruning

Arborists use a ladder to prune tall trees to trigger fruit production and enhance a tree’s health. The professionals also need a generic kicker to prune all the overgrown branches.

3. Removal of dead trees

Some trees may wither and die over lack of water or diseases. A tree specialist has to remove all these trees and trim all the withering branches for the good of healthy plants.

4. Treating sick trees

A tree surgeon can identify all sick trees and treat them accordingly. They may choose to use fungicides to eradicate fungi to remedy an infection. In most cases, tree medicine is in the form of a spray.

5. Checking soil condition

Surprisingly, these professionals test the soil to find any conditions like low PH, salinity, or high carbon levels. They also recommend ways to enhance soil fertility to improve yields.

6. Applying fertilizer

Tree specialists know the best fertilizer to apply to the soil to enhance its nutritional value. Good manure or fertilizer will also improve soil texture, making it easy for a tree to extract nutrients.

project arborist in Toowoomba

Qualifications for an Arborist in Toowoomba

1. Education

An arborist should have at least AQF level 5 Toowoomba, a degree, or a master’s in botany or horticulture.

2. Fitness

Secondly, the tree pruning experts must be fit to climb the tree for pruning and do landscaping periodically. Additionally, they use relatively heavy tools like a shovel and stainless pruners.

3. Knowledge of tree operation

The specialist should know how to use basic hand tools, including cutters and a handsaw.

4. Soil specialist

A qualified arborist doubles as a well-known pedologist with vast experience. This knowledge will help them to test soil and treat any soil disease.

5. Work experience

Most clients prefer an arborist that has worked for many clients and has good ratings.


A good project arborist in Toowoomba is proficient in soil biology, making them perfect for advising farmers. Any potential client should ensure the tree specialist they recruit has all the qualifications.


About the Author: Leo Arrey