Reasons Justifying Tree Removal

The initial stage of any tree extraction endeavor is making sure that tree removal is the most ideal option considering the situation. Trees that are unstable due to unusual growth patterns or damage due to storms, which can often be resolved by deployment of professional tree bracing and cabling techniques. A highly-trained and experienced tree removal professional can determine whether a specific tree can be salvaged or if removal is the most suitable option. If it’s removal then he can help you with the Gold Coast tree removal application so that you can have removed. What the factors that warrant tree removal?

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Like human beings, trees also have life spans during which they grow, mature, and at last die. For some kind of trees, the expected life cycle is fifteen to twenty years, while others can go up to thousands of years. A tree might complete its life cycle and die or it might encounter premature death due to disease, ice, fire, hurricane, or other outside influence. Dead trees will eventually deteriorate and can present danger if they aren’t removed, hence necessitating removal.


Tree disease can come as a result of eternal causes, some non-lining while some living. Though the disease is one of the common reasons for tree removal, trees with the disease don’t necessarily need to be extracted. A tree consultant Gold Coast can help you determine whether a diseased tree is treatable or should be removed. Additionally, they can help you with an accurate diagnosis, which is important in determining if a tree ought to be extracted.


Sometimes, you might have no option than to remove an otherwise healthy tree because you desire to implement some new landscaping. In that case, you might consider the feasibility of relocating the tree to a more desirable location, if it’s a young tree.

Harm to Property

A tree might be having a huge network of roots that often consumes many underground spaces. If the tree is situated near a house or building, the root system can be a huge threat to the structure’s foundation. Roots might cause pressure that would directly affect the building, or they can create unevenness in the moisture level of the soil causing disproportionate settling of your house’s foundation. Trees contributing to such issues might be extracted to avoid unnecessary repairs to your building.


In conclusion, before trying to do any tree removal, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with any rules and regulations set by your city regarding the removal and follow them accordingly. If you wish to have a tree on your property removed, seek a professional to help you with Gold Coast Council Tree Removal Application and other important requirements.

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