Don’t Make These Skip Bin Hire Mistakes

First time trying out skip bin hire in Windsor? Not too sure what to expect? Save yourself money and time by not making any of the following mistakes!

Not Packing Your Bin Properly

Use packing techniques to ensure you get all your rubbish into your skip bin. Pack large, light items on the bottom and heavier items on top to squash the other items.

Getting The Wrong Size Bin

There are a handful of different sizes of skip bins. It can be difficult to determine which size skip bin is right for your needs. Too small and you won’t be able to get rid of all your rubbish, and too big you may be wasting space and end up paying more than you actually needed to.

Mixing Materials

When you hire a skip bin, you cannot simply just dump everything you have lying around the house in it. You may have to say upfront what you plan to put in it, and categories usually include green waste, general household waste, renovation rubble, etc. Be sure you know what limits and rules there are surrounding the fill of your skip bin.

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Not Being Prepared

Remember to mark the day of your skip arrival in your calendar and be prepared to start packing it. You may have a limited time with the skip and you’ll want to do as much with this time as possible.

Choosing A Dodgy Company

Choosing the wrong skip bin hire company in Windsor can certainly prove to be a headache. You may have to deal with poor communication, overly high prices, rude staff and more. Be sure to do your research and look out for those online reviews when choosing a company to support.

Not Asking Questions

If it is your first time hiring a skip, you’ll most likely have questions. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you’d like so that you feel comfortable and confident in the process of your skip bin hire.

Are you looking for reliable skip bin hire services in Windsor? At Just Chick It, we will bring a skip bin (size of your choice) to your home and pick it up once you have filled it. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you’re interested in our efficient and friendly services, give us a call at 0460 005 002.

About the Author: Leo Arrey