Signs That It’s Time To Get Your Trees Trimmed

Think of trimming your trees as similar to trimming your hair. Trimming your hair keeps it healthy, strong, free of dead ends, and at a manageable length. Just like your hair needs regular trimming, so do the trees in your garden.

As experts in tree trimming on the North Shore, we are very knowledgeable about the signs that indicate that it may be time to get your trees trimmed, and we’ll list them below!

Dead Branches

If your tree has dead branches, they could fall at any time, posing a danger to family members, visitors, property and pets. Dead branches are a sure indicator that your tree requires professional trimming as soon as possible.

Weak Branches

Weak branches, though not dead, may pose just as much a threat as dead branches, as these weak branches could fall with just the slightest pressure.

tree trimming

Growing Near Power Lines

If your trees’ branches get a bit too close to power lines, this could become a big issue, so better trim them before they become entangled.

Misshapen Branches

Does your tree have misshapen or crossing branches? While they may not be an issue right now, they may grow to be a problem later, so misshapen branches should be removed.

Too Big

Perhaps you only have limited space on your property. If your trees grow too big, this can turn into a problem; thus, it is best to prune them to keep them at an optimal size in relation to the size and shape of your garden.

Diseased Branches

If your tree has any diseased branches, this disease could very easily spread to the rest of the tree if these diseased branches are not promptly removed by a professional.

Storm Damage

Has your property recently been struck by a storm? Did your trees encounter any damage? It would be best to get a professional in to assess the damage and remove any branches that are likely to fall.

You should never attempt tree trimming or tree pruning yourself as it can be very dangerous. Always call in an expert to get it done professionally and safely!

Are your trees displaying some of the warning signs discussed above? Here at Hort Culture, we provide professional tree trimming services on the North Shore. Feel free to get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today at 0434 863 822.

About the Author: Kevin Swanson